Foot Holes???

Posted in Colvin points on May 5th, 2009 by Camp Superintendent James Vianna

Many people ask me if Colvin or his crew occupied every mountain to perform their work. Well it depends on what you mean by occupy. Yes, every mountain located had to have at least a bolt and signal placed upon it, but not every mountain was occupied by theodolite. One way you can determine this in the field is to look for small drill holes set out in a roughly equilateral triangle around the station mark. The triangles formed by these drill holes will have bases of three – four feet and be about three feet distant from the station mark. The purpose of these drill holes was to allow for the instrument tripod feet to have a place to rest in so they would not kick out if hit or blown about in heavy wind.

Here is a picture of one: rare-tripod-foot-drill-hole

 Here is a recent picture from the top of West Mtn. and our Raquette Lake recovery showing the station mark in the middle with the three foot holes in a triangle marked with white powder.


 As Colvin wrote in his 1874 report:



And that’s the tip of the day.

Jim Vianna

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